Getting organised

Before you start ~ Decisions, decisions, decisions

The Project

Once you have a project in mind there are various considerations to take into account:
  • What images you need for the project.
  • What other information you want on the DVD, for example the location, the date, etc..
  • What type of soundtrack would enhance the DVD.
  • What you are going to call the video.


What are placing on the DVD? Only photographs? Video clips? What other items could you like to include?

Once you have decided what images are going into the project, you need to organise your photographs, videos and any items of memorabilia into the order they are to be seen.

Using this range of images decide how many sequences you will need.


You now need to decide what information, captions, you require on the DVD:
  • The date.
  • Location.
  • Who was there.
  • The occasion.


Decide what type of music, if any, you would like for each sequence of images.

Own music

You need to choose something that enhances the mood or occasion. Is there a track that is a special reminder of the occasion? Remember each photographic image lasts for approximately 10 seconds, including the transition to the next image.

Copyright free music

If you choose this option you need to consider what style of music would enhance the video sequence best.


Now, what are you going to call the project? Choose a title that is both informative and relevant to the occasion.

With this information you are on you way to creating a spectacular video.


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