Available packages

In order to give you as much choice as possible we offer a range of packages.

From sequences made up of digital photographs to sequences that can include video clips and memorabilia as well as photographic prints and digital photographs.


Choose from a range of packages:
  • Our standard packages are for digital and printed photographs.
  • Or you can choose our Diamond package, and join in the creative process to create a truly personalised DVD.
  • Or just send us your photos, we will organise them and recommend the best package for you at no extra cost.
All packages include:
  • Photographic enhancements; adjustment of size, colour and detail.
  • Professional transitions between each photographic image.
  • Captions for place, date, occasion and the individuals in the photograph. Please note that a caption can be used as many times as you want at no extra cost.
  • An introductory title.
  • Titles for different sections of the project.(Not included in the Bronze package.)
  • An introductory menu that links to the different sequences on the DVD.
  • Personalised labels and DVD case.
  • Free postage. To UK only - and weighing less than 500g - (Contact office@pix2.co.uk for other postage costs)
Packages for photographic prints include both scanning and basic enhancements. These are scanned using Digital Ice technologies so as to remove any dust or small blemishes from the print.

All packages can be added to. If you have extra images or want more captions than the package stipulates, then these can simply be added on.

All packages can be written to DVD or Blu-ray Disk.

Standard Packages

Package Number of Photographs Number of Captions Approximate Length (m:s)
Bronze 36 10* 6:30
Silver 72 20* 12:30
Gold 120 40* 21:30
Platinum 200 75* 34:00
*Each caption can be used as many times as you like within the project.

Diamond Package

The Diamond package allows you much more flexibility and individuality. You can combine a wider range of media types; photographs, video clips, scanned images and artefacts.

Using this option you can:
  • Choose how many sequences are in your project.
  • Choose how many photographs are in each sequence. Each sequence can contain up to 50 images.
  • Use a range of media types within the project.
  • Choose how many captions you want.
  • Specify a wider range of special effects and transitions.
  • Add video clips to your project, including the soundtrack.
  • Add memorabilia to the project.

Compare Features

Features Bronze Silver Gold Platinum Diamond
Number of photographs: 36 72 120 200 Any number
Scanning of printed photos: Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Can add additional photographs: Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Photographic enhancements: Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Video clips and soundtrack: No No No No Yes
Can include Memorabilia: No No No No Yes
Transitions between images: Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Special effects and transitions: No No No No Yes
Number of different captions: 10 20 40 75 Any number
Can add additional captions: Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Own or royalty free music: Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Number of sequences: 1 2 4 6 Any number
Introductory menu at start of DVD: Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Introductory title for each sequence: Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
A personalised label and case: Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Free postage*: Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
*To UK only - and weighing less than 500g - (Contact office@pix2.co.uk for other postage costs)

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