The Creative Process

We employ the latest advances in technology to transform your still photographs, video clips and images of memorabilia into stunning moving sequences; each sequence quite distinct from any other.


These unique creations are produced using state-of-the art software. Once the media is organised into the required sequence, the transitions between each image, and any effects required, are produced. The titles and menus that guide you through the DVD are then created. Finally, the DVD or Blu-ray Disc is written, tested and labelled before being sent out to you.
  1. Handling resources
  2. Creating a sequence
  3. Finishing off

Handling Resources

Digital Photographs:

These are firstly optimised for inclusion into a graphic sequence.
This could include:

Photographic Prints:

These are initially scanned and converted to digital format using Digital Ice technology which removes any dust particles from your printed photographs.

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Once the prints have been scanned they can be stored on CD for you and are optimised for inclusion into the sequence.
This could include:

Video clips

Any video clips needed within the sequence are transferred to the computer. Any adjustments to colour or speed are dealt with when the sequence is fully assembled.


Certificates, newspaper clippings and other documents are scanned and stored digitally ready for inclusion into the sequence. Other memorabilia, such as, ballet shoes and trophies, are photographed ready for insertion into the sequence.

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If you have sent a CD then the required tracks are transferred to the computer. Alternatively, if royalty free samples are required then they are downloaded ready for inclusion into the DVD.

Creating a sequence

Once all the media is organised then the DVD sequence can be built.

Adding Media

Firstly, the image to be used as the background to the title is placed at the start of the sequence. Then the photographs, video clips and images of any memorabilia are added in the correct order.

Transitions and special effects

Any special effects required, for example, background images, overlays or morphing, are now applied to the appropriate images.

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The transitions between each image are now created. These are not preset but created individually for your personal set of images. The effects and colours used are chosen to complement your images, so as to create your own personalised DVD.

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Adding a title

The title that you chose for your DVD is now placed over your starting image. The colours are chosen to complement your image or background colour. The title is not static but is treated just like any other image, fading in and out so as to create an immediate impact.

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Adding Captions

Now any captions you require are added into the sequence. The date, place, occasion or the names of people can all be added so that they are catalogued for future reference; all four can be used simultaneously over an image.

Adding a soundtrack

The music, and video soundtrack if appropriate, is now added to the graphical sequence. These are edited so that they fit the sequence. If more than one track or the sound track of a video clip is used then, these are cross-faded so that there is no loss off sound throughout the sequence.

Adding menus

If more than one sequence is created, or if a long sequence is broken down into chapters, then these are linked using menus. These are designed using your own images and link the various sections of the DVD. All DVDs come with an initial menu. This includes links to each photographic sequence on the DVD or Blu-ray Disc.

Finishing Off

Writing the DVD

Once all the sequences are completed they are written to DVD, or Blu-ray Disk, as appropriate.


Nearly finished! We have a shiny DVD with your photographic sequences on. So the project now needs labelling. This is done using an image and title of your choosing as well as the date of production.

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Next we create inserts for the plastic storage case. Again images from yourself are used to create an individualised cover.

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Finally, we send it to you, along with any images, CDs and memorabilia that you provided. You can then sit back, relax, and relive your precious memories.