Experience your treasured memories on DVD or HD Blu-ray Disc
by creating a photo DVD

Many of our memories are saved in photographs or on film:
Weddings ~ Births ~ Christenings ~ Birthdays ~ Graduations ~ Holidays ~ Family gatherings ~ Engagements ~ Family history ~ Memorials ~ Silver weddings ~ Special occasions They tell the story of our and our families lives.
They are very special to us.

So ensure that your memories are preserved for you, and your family's, future.


Photographic prints:

Photographic prints deteriorate over time; they fade and discolour, get torn, folded and covered in fingerprints or worse. It can also be an arduous and time-consuming task finding and sorting them so family and friends can share them with you.
We can restore their colour and clarity, and even repair tears and blemishes. They can then be stored digitally and recorded onto a DVD or HD Blu-ray Disc as a photographic sequence; making enjoyment a much simpler task. Just sit back and enjoy.

Digital photographs:

Let us create a moving video from your latest holiday or celebration. Add captions to each image so everyone now and in the future remembers the event, where it took place and who was there.
We can do all this for you, using the latest software and advances in technology. If needed we can crop them to size, align them, enhance their colour and fix exposure problems.

Video clips:

For those who use video cameras there always those clips that are particularly memorable. However, they are usually difficult to show to others without ploughing through hours of tape or CDs.
We can include these clips, along with the appropriate photographs to produce a coherent and magical DVD or HD Blu-ray Disc.

Other memorabilia:

There are often other items which are memorable and celebrate some special occasion or event; certificates, medals, newspaper cuttings and music from the time.
These can easily be added into your DVD to give you a total multimedia experience.

Using these snapshots of your life we can create a moving video that can be watched with ease, over and over again, by friends, family and future generations.

These are tailor-made to your requirements, and include, menus, transitions, captions and a soundtrack of your choice. The DVD case and labels are personalised using your own images.