Print Service ~ Ordering

We provide a variety of ways of ordering your photographic reproduction.

We have designed a range of forms for you to use, or you can simply write down your requirements and send them to us.

Once your order is received we will e-mail you an access code so that you can track its progress.
To access this you simply click ‘Order Status’, type in your e-mail address and the access code that you received.


Our forms are available in various formats:


These forms can be downloaded and filled in ay your leisure. They can be printed and filled in, or filled in on your PC. When completedthey should be sent to us along with your photograph(s).

Adobe PDF

These forms need to be downloaded and then filled in at your own leisure. They can then be sent to us along with your photographs.
If you do not have Adobe (Acrobat) Reader this can be download from here.

If you need any further information please contact us at

Order Forms:

Print Service only

Word Adobe PDF

Artistic Services

Word Adobe PDF

Photo Collages and Montages

Word Adobe PDF

Photo Mosaics

Word Adobe PDF

Word Mosaics

Word Adobe PDF

Sending Images

Photographic prints

These need to be sent by post, carrier or courier to:

Ian Codling
1 Gwessin Terrace
Queens Road
PO12 1AT

Digital photos

These can sent by post, carrier or courier to the above address on a CD, DVD, Memory stick, etc..

Alternatively, they can be uploaded via your ‘Order Status’ page.
If you require files to be uploaded, please inform us so that we can allow you access to this feature.

Payment Methods

Once your order is received we will send an invoice via PayPal.
You can use the link to pay via PayPal or simply send a personal cheque made out to

Once payment is received, and cleared, work will start on you order.

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