Photographic Services

Do you have a special photograph you want to display?
Do you need damaged photographs restored to their original quality?
Do you want to create a montage of photographs as a print or special gift?

Whatever your requirements our photographic service is here to help:

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That special photograph

Very Special
Do you a have particular favourite which would enhance and be a focal point for any room?

Create a lasting display from that special holiday snap or photo of a loved one.

Photo Services

Artistic effects

Photo ~ Ink lined
Turn that special photo into a piece of artwork.

We can create sepia or black and white images from your photographs. We can colour them.
We can also manipulate them so that they appear as watercolour paintings or charcoal and chalk sketches. We can even turn them into pop art.
Artistic Services


Flower detail
Turn hundreds or thousands of photos into one larger image.
A photographic mosaic is a collection of photos which when viewed together look like one image.

A truly stunning effect! The result is your original photograph made up of thousands of small pictures.
You can use you own photographs, or we can provide a selection from our own photographic library.

Collages and Montages

5 photo montage
Combine a number of your photographs into a single image.

We can merge any number of photographs into one image. Many people put a collection of photos in a frame; this involves either overlapping the photographs or having to cut them into pieces. Why not let us combine them into one print that you can then have mounted as a gift for yourself or your family.
Collages and Montages

Photo Restoration

Thats torn it!
We all have photographs that have deteriorated over time.
They may have become discoloured, torn, written over or blemished.

Create a lasting display from that special holiday snap or photo of a loved one.
See our printing services for details and prices.
Photo Restoration

Printing and storage

Since all our photo services involve creating new images, you need to consider how you want them supplied to you.

They can be:

  • stored on CD or to your own memory card;
  • or printed on high-quality photographic paper or canvas.

See our printing service for details.

Printing Services