Photographic Restoration

Over time, your photos become damaged or faded, and you risk losing them forever.

You may have some photos that are ripped, folded, scratched, or faded and have lost their original colours. However all is not lost!

Using our professional imaging tools, we can restore these photos to their original condition (wherever possible). If part of the photo is missing, then we may be able to recreate the original detail again.

Every photo's condition is different, so we can't guarantee being able to restore every image, however please get in touch to discuss this further.

If you have any special requests then please contact us at, to explain your requirements. We will then provide you with an estimate.

Here are some of the examples of what we can do for you:

Damaged Photographs

Below you will find a number of 'before and after' photographs. Place your mouse over any image to see the difference between the original, damaged photo (shown by default), and the restored photo (shown on mouseover).

Scratched Photographs

old photo of boy old photo of boy

Torn Photographs

torn photo

Discoloured Photographs

discoloured photo


Unfortunately, we cannot accurately cost the restoration of a photograph until we know the actual details of each photograph and your requirements.

The table below can be used as a guide:
Prices from:
Discoloured photograph: £6.00
Scratched photograph: £9.00
Torn photograph: £12.00

Sending Images

These need to be sent by post, carrier or courier to:
1 Gwessin Terrace
Queens Road
PO12 1AT

Payment Methods

Once your order is received we will send an invoice via PayPal.
You can use this link to pay via PayPal or simply send a personal cheque made out to

Once payment is received, and cleared, work will start on you order.

Order Forms

Once your order is received we will e-mail you an access code so that you can track its progress.
To access this you simply click ‘Order Status’, type in your e-mail address and the access code that you received.

Forms are in various formats:

These forms can be downloaded and filled in later. They can be printed and filled in, or filled in on your PC. When completed they should be sent to us along with your photograph(s).

Adobe PDF
These forms need to be downloaded and then filled in at your own leisure. They can then be sent to us along with your photographs. If you do not have Adobe (Acrobat) Reader this can be download from here.
If you need any further information please contact us at

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